Teachers, facilitators, musicians

Workshop teachers

Daniel Mang
Göteborg, Sweden

Contact improvisation has been my primary movement practice since 1986. I also practice aikido and am strongly influenced by the Feldenkrais method, Body Mind Centering and ideokinesis. My teaching is informed by my background as a professional bodyworker / physiotherapist, my studies in osteopathy, my experience with communication tools such as co-counselling, and by my politics. I see my interest in radical social theory and my love of contact improvisation as two aspects of the same desire. One of my main projects is making contact improvisation available as a way of exploring body politics, as a tool for communication and personal change, to radical left, feminist, queer and antiracist activists. I have been teaching the form since 1990.

Jasmin Scholle
Marburg, Germany

Jasmin 'studied' improvisation as a social pedagogue, a clown and a teacher, in various familial and collective settings, and, not least, as a (contact improvisation) dancer, lecturer and researcher. Her current academic research deals with the relationship between physicality and social order / social categories. In both dancing and teaching she is fascinated by possibilities of realising how social order has been inscribed into our 'selves'. She is interested in how we can, through physical practices, discover new spaces of movement and action hitherto unknown to us. Jasmin is part of the contact improvisation jam organising team in her home town and particularly likes arranging topical focused jams.

Fabian Lenze
Cologne, Germany

Dance improvisation has been important to me as a way of exploring and expressing what I feel and who I am for many years now. My professional background as a bodyworker and physiotherapist was, and still is, a major influence on my approach to the physical body and movement. Different somato-psychological learning processes have also become important inspirations, for me and for others I work with, in recent years. I have been exploring the field of contact improvisation intensively for more than five years now. Some of the topics I am currently most interested in exploring & conveying would be: inner and outer awareness on different levels; freedom, unconditionality and expectations; non-violent physical communication; exploring and protecting boundaries. I am looking forward to sharing some of these interests with you.

Evening facilitators & musicians

Jenny Moy
London, United Kingdom

I have been practicing contact improvisation for about eight years. I have a deep interest in helping to create spaces that facilitate learning through dancing: themed jams, residentials & labs as well as workshops. I think it's a great strength of contact improvisation that its "content" is undefined and there are no certified teachers of it: creating a space for all of us to teach each other what we know - or more precisely to let the dance teach us as we meet each other there.

Jamie McCarthy
London, United Kingdom

I studied music at Leicester Polytechnic with the composer Gavin Bryars, whose ensemble I joined after leaving college. I’ve worked for many years performing and composing music in a wide variety of situations with a primary focus on cross-artform work and collaboration. My work writing for dance led me to become Head of Music at London Contemporary Dance School, where I now freelance, combining that with composition projects. Alongside my teaching I work regularly as a composer with the performance company Fevered Sleep and have recently collaborated with Dog Kennel Hill Dance Co., Lost Dog and Rick Nodine (finals of the Place Prize for Dance 2013). I am also string arranger for the music production company Golden Hum and spent seven joyful years touring the world as a violinist with Canadian 'Gay Church Folk' Band the Hidden Cameras. You can listen to my music at https://soundcloud.com/jamie-mccarthy-1/sets, where many tracks are available for free download.

David Leahy
London, United Kingdom

David Leahy is a regular performer as both an improvising musician and dancer on the free improvised music and contact improvisation scenes. He is currently composing and performing regularly while also completing a Masters in Creative practice at TrinityLaban and Independent Dance. Significant collaborations and/or work in the past have included; composition work for Hagit Yakari, Theo Clinkard, Fevered Sleep Theatre Company, Trestle Theatre Company, and a composition commission from the Royal Maritime Museum. Performance work with Burning Wood (Sound and Music sponsored Mopomoso National tour), SichtLautTrio, London Improvisers Orchestra (conductor and performer), Wuppertal Improvisers Orchestra (Conductor and soloist), FOCA (Conductor, Madrid) and National and international rural touring with 'The Pioneers' (2007 to 2009).

Jan Lee
London, United Kingdom

Jan is a shape shifting musician - dancer - improviser who is delighted to be able to play with her musical toys this New Year with you. As a musician, she has provided live music for various events such as contact jams and underscores, ballet, contemporary dance and butoh classes, and vocal workshops. She also teaches piano to small and big people. Jan has a multi-coloured background as a performer, inspired by BBC (british born chinese-ness), somatics, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Roy Hart human voice work, and action theatre. Most recently she is choreographing a new interdisciplinary work for Resolution 2015, 'This Floating World', in collaboration with Tim Murray-Browne, a creative coder - where she dances a 'duet' with the interactive digital audiovisual landscape. She also has been working as a dancer with CoCoDanse, and co-facilitates improvisation and composition workshops with Mafe Toledo at The Place, monthly. See more of her stuff at www.janlee.org.

Roddy Skeaping
London, United Kingdom

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and Musical Director for The City Waites, The Burning Bush, The Royal National Theatre (and others) and performer with countless early music groups, I got into live music creation when training as a music therapist in 2006. Excited by the artistic, social and therapeutic potential of live co-creation in all its modalities, I am now focussed on exploring and developing new audience-centred concert rituals. Varied influences include Rupert Sheldrake, Paul Nordoff, Keith Johnstone, Remy Bertrand plus the therapeutic concepts contained within Guided Imagery in Music and the creative implications within Morphic Resonance. I’m currently reforming my multi-modal live creation group ‘The Next Room’ for the Barbican Pit Theatre May 5th and am keen to connect with like-minded musicians and movement artists. For excerpts of my music visit: roddyskeaping.blogspot.com and for The Next Room visit: thenextroomproject.blogspot.com

Tamara Ashley
Hitchin, United Kingdom

Tamara's improvisation practice is focused on durational, site-specific, digital and environmental performance. She holds an MFA in Choreography for which she developed a series of stage works that explored the politics of social rituals in everyday situations. Her PhD investigated dance improvisation in the context of ecological activism and environmental change. Tamara has practiced improvisation in performance for over 15 years. Her work has also been informed by somatic practices, through her teacher training certifications in yoga and pilates, and performer training in body mind centering. She is currently the artistic director of dancedigital and programme leader for the MA in Community Dance Leadership at the University of Bedfordshire.

Samuel Overington
London, United Kingdom

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working with performance, film, photography, print making, painting and drawing. I have run workshops and devised performances specifically playing with Drawing and Contact Improvisation.

Naomi Green
London, United Kingdom

Naomi has always had a love of music and dance, and employs improvisation techniques with poetry to get to dance works that go beyond the surface; or just to jam with others and create playful works. See more at www.blackorchidance.wordpress.com. She plays psychedelic / electronic / krautrock dance music at events as kaliyuga79.

Morning session facilitators

London, United Kingdom

Amalavajra has been practising meditation for 19 years and has taught as a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 2005, mostly at the London Buddhist Centre.

Geneviève Cron
Paris, France

I am a dance movement therapist in Paris. I work with children with various abilities and adults in hospital settings. I also perform, mainly with Compagnie Tangible, a dance company created in 2004 that works with tango contact, often outdoors. Our most recent performance, called Bal de Match, draws inspiration from rugby as well. I teach gymnastics, contact improvisation, tango contact and other forms of dance. I am one of the organisers of next year's European Contact Improvisation Teachers' Exchange in Orléans, France. I completed a MS in applied mathematics in 1995 and was awarded a PhD in 1999. MA in 2014. I have worked as a researcher, engineer, expert and project leader in the field of image analysis and recognition in industrial and library settings.

Lise Diez
Brighton, United Kingdom

I am a shiatsu practitioner, trained in Brussels, Belgium. I specialise in working with shiatsu during pregnancy and birth. My way of giving shiatsu is gentle and respectful, and aims for better health and personal transformation. I am also a scientist, a biologist. Some of my interests are ecology, communication, and animal behaviour. I became highly specialised in the behaviour of ants, and got a PhD in 2012, that talks about how ants take care of their dead.

Michèle Tarento
Paris, France

Michèle Tarento is a French physician, osteopath, dancer and researcher in the field of human body tissues. She is also the creator of the ostéo-éveil approach, an introspective and creative way of optimising posture and movement. Over the past few years her work has been much influenced by the biotensegrity concept as developed by Steve Levin. Michèle gives lectures, seminars and workshops linking ostéo-éveil and biotensegrity.