Morning programme

1.) Meditation practice with Amalavajra

Mon - Fri 8 - 9 am

Contact improvisation depends upon a subtle and focused awareness of oneself and others. Each morning there will be the opportunity to work directly on your mind through led meditation practice, especially on the breath and the heart.

2.) Contact Tango class with Geneviève Cron

Monday 10 am - 12 noon

In this class, I would like to offer some tango flavours to spice up our contact improvisation dance. It will be about finding verticality and tiny imbalances, offering subtle resistance, leading & following with the torso, using lines in space and tango-like walking, creating dissociation between legs and torso, playing with legs, being touched but not led by music.

3.) "Drawing a score" with Samuel Overington

Tuesday 10 am - 12 noon

During this workshop we will explore how movement is affected by properties of drawing and painting, for example texture, colour and line. We will explore the relationship between contact and line and how these properties can affect our actions and reactions whilst improvising. After experiments using our improvisation to create drawings, we will use drawing materials to follow points of contact between ourselves and various surfaces, drawing a ‘score’ of our movements.

4.) Shiatsu class with Lise Diez

Wednesday 10 am - 12 noon

In this class, we will learn and experience a simple and relaxing shiatsu routine, on the part of the body you prefer to work on. Shiatsu means in Japanese “pressure with the finger”. It is a type of massage, given on the floor and fully clothed. It uses Chinese medicine theory, and mainly consists in pressure on the body, especially on meridians and acupuncture points, as well as supported stretches. It usually feels very grounding and relaxing, and can help with various aches. It has many connections with contact improvisation; the use of our weight and working from our centre, and being able to listen through touch.

5.) Biotensegrity class with Michèle Tarento

What is biotensegrity? First was tensegrity, a way of building things according to specific architectural principles. Then came biotensegrity, the application of the tensegrity model to the body's construction. In this class, we will focus on one very important quality of tensegrity, elasticity. We will explore this quality in our own and in our partners' bodies, and play with it...